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360 Experience In Direct Marketing 

Plain cup with insert sample

We gave each mug a sample of the famous DE coffee. They boasted the freshest flavouring with fresh milk in their machines. Presenting a true european cafe fresh taste in every cup. Perfectly balanced.

The Mystery In Each Cup

Fresh beans in every cup

One side we showed the root of old tradition coffee. Freshly roasted and shipped in sacks just like it was a hundred of years ago.

Timeless Quality

The message was in the coffee

The information was stylized as a card in the beans. It was a homage to old time letter cards located in the coffee by growers to communicate to suppliers.

Tranditions that speak

Messaging that functions on many levels

As a part of the campaign there was a promotional page that allowed users to act on the call to action. DE would send in experts to provide a in office demo of DE's popular coffee.

Coffee that says it all.

Surprise in every cup

We printed thermal imagery so when you used the packet and filled the cup with the coffee. It would reveal on the outside what you tasted in each cup. Freshest coffee possible.

Flavourful Insights