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countless combinations communicated

Thermador has a annual sale, that was very complex. Often the longer an annual sale continues for, the more conditions and more product combinations are offered. Over several years this can quickly become very complicated both for venders and consumers. What combines with what? How much do I save? How do we make this interesting and encourage users to click through?

Winner. Winner. Chicken Dinner.

You win with every combination

The concept was to convey with every combination, you'd win big with savings.

Always a winner

Every Combination is a Winner

Imagine a slot machine that you would win with every match. That was the solution to a very complciated promotion. Instead of making users confused or not convey information to the users. We did both and gamified it. On swipe, users would spin the slots matching multiple items and giving users the discount of these items. With each additional swipe, users would see more and more combinations and every combination the user was able to save hundreds of dollars.

We wanted the users to feel the joy of discovering new saving with each combination. That with each new match they would "win" and drive users to click through to create their own custom combination of kitchen units.

Everybody Wins