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I was tasked with designing a white label Transit Pass that could be used by cities around the world. I had a wide user target and large audience to create a product for. Often its not the small refined targets that are the hardest. It's often when you need to be everything to everybody. Lots of suggestions were made with layers and layers of integration was suggestioned. Do we embed it? Do we integrate it? How many screens should we have?

My response was to go the opposite route. I didnt just want a product I could use. We needed a product your grandmother could use. Something streamlined and simple. Something that across cultures, digital literacy, ages, genders, cultures would remain accessable.

Keep it Simple

Single touch

A simple single touch to activate before entering you mode of transportation via your transit service.

Make It Easy

Let the app do the work

The UI needed to be practical and take into account of real riders and their lives. Transit riders often have hands full, statistics show us that urban riders often have bags or have young children. With a single touch, the rider can activate the pass. As the rider enters the street car, the transaction is 100% automated. Riders simply leave the app on, while they enter the bus. Drivers and operators simply have to watch a confirmation screen that a fare was paid.


All transit agencies needed was a bluetooth adaptor or device to detect riders entering. It would automatically, log and handle fare transations automatically allowing riders to simplify their lives. Instead of offering more, we offered more by offering to do less.

By creating a detection base fare system. It opens up zone systems for transit systems. So they can vary fare rates depending on distance travelled. It would optimized revenues for transit riders and reduce fare costs. Transit agencies can "right size" fare costs and track riders and rider volumes with little to no work. Completely automated and white labelled to create a modular system that can easily adapted by transit agencies the world over. While giving user a effortless and easy way to pay and travel.