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Making Transit Accessible  

Modernizing a nearly two decade old product

I was tasked with updating a product with a wide install base and was long over due for a update. Everything from UX to UI to the code needed a massive overhaul. We needed to build a product from the ground up that meet the new modern demands of transit riders, while satisfying the modern technical requests and requirements by the agencies we served.

Users First

We began by looking at the users and their needs

What we learned was riders wanted the quickest way to access info of their trip. Users used transit apps to help plan and prioritize their time. And the less time they spent trying to access that information, the better. They valued accuracy and ease of use that worked around their lifestyle.


Reimagine a new transit traveller expereince

The first step was to break down the core functionality. We went through repeated cycles of refinement and constantly cut back steps and phases until we had a very streamlined experience. We wanted an app anybody can access and was mobile first. We wanted users to be able to access and use the app on location.Our goal was to create a product that was long over due.

Times have changed and users didnt expect places to access infomation. They want tools to help them. And the answer was to spear head the first fully responsive website for the company.

Mobile Travel info

Make it truely mobile

A web based app have many benefits, one of them is quick adoption of the tool. A simple ink at a bus stop will allow the user to access the app. Agencies are able to maximize its install base very quickly. All a user needs is a URL. Regardless of phone or platform. The users are able to access the app and access transit arrival and bus times. Also allows riders to plan trips with in seconds of entering the URL. No apps to download not compadibility issues. it allowed us to reach the optimal target audience with as few barriers as possible.

With exclusive company technology, we are able to get up to the second, real time bus arrivals and rider capacity of buses. Riders are able to not only use the app but get the information that want in seconds. With added scheduling features and a easy onboarding process. User rates remained high as once they used the app, they realized they could quickly get arrival info, schedule reminders for trips very quickly.

Full Integration

Not only were we looking to build products for mobile devices. We had to create a product that was easily integrated into agency websites. We wanted a tool that could be accessed anywhere and anyway though a browser.

We build API's and tools to help transit agencies integrate our technology into their current websites. So users can not only quickly find our tools. But easily access them and put them to use. By building integrated tools that can be merged into websites. We allowed users and agencies to quickly access the information they needed with out redirects or layers of clicking. A simple snipet of code was all the agencies would need to add to their current website and our powerful transit

Users regardless of platform they discovered the online app, had the added benefit of creating a user account and "take it with them". Fully utilizing the mobile nature of responsive design. A user can find and plan a trip online, to then quickly transfer that info to their mobile device and take the app with them. With out worry of compadibility and app store accounts. Users can quickly and easily have their trip information "handed off" and enjoy the advantages of real time transit info.

In Depth Case Study Coming Soon