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Delivering Patients To Medical Services 

Transit meets medical services

Thousands of people are in need of medical treatment struggle everyday to receive care. A large part of that struggle is getting to and from medical treatment. Often cities and communities will have services available, but its often a huge challenge to get users aware of these services. Once they are aware, its often a challenge for the users to access that information. So there was a great demand for an app that functioned similar to Uber apps but connected government services with patients who need transportation to medical treatments.

Diving into and learning about the target user base. We found a large part of our target audience was older. We had to make the product simple to use and but still retain all the functions and UI elements that younger users would be familiar with. We also had to create methods in which both operators, support workers and family could all be involved. This presented some very interesting challenges.

A Service That Serves

Treating the app as the hub

We broke down the objectives and executed it several ways. One key was to build an app that allowed a care giver to set up appointments for the patient. Then offer a straight forward experience for patients when they have trips for them that day.

It was important that we developed a way for caregivers and service providers away to schedule appointments and travel for patients. Our goal was to ensure that the service would function as seamlessly as possible. We wanted more then a modern interface; We wanted to modernize what a patient would experience.

Modernized Experience

it just works

Upon arrival of a scheduled trip. Users would receive a notification and a phone call. Drivers would get up to the second info of the users and have a real-time view of the GPS location of the patient for pick up. We presented the information for the user clearly.

In Depth Case Study Coming Soon