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I create more than products. I crAFT experiences.

Hello, my name is Allan Lee. I solve problems through design. I use a human-centered approach to technology and integrate the needs of the users, with the best use of technologies and addressing business objectives of our stake holders.

In english. I solve problems with design. I build things that speak and communicate with people. Too often we spend our time focusing on the medium and not enough on the message. Which is the reason why I've became a multi-discipline designer.

The common link is always the end user experience. Focusing on how to best serve our audience. Working across many brands, mediums and disciplines. I have learned the most effect way to reach your audience is to see from your audiences perspective. To really understand who they are, what they want and what speaks to them.

Think Deeper.

User Experience Design

The way a product feels. I create the product’s logic. I love user research and user testing. I’m people driven as well as data influenced. I enhance people’s satisfaction with a product by refining the usability, accessibility and the pleasure given in the interaction between a person and a product.

Engage Visually


Using visual language to communicate ideas, tones, direction and experessing a message to an audience. In essance I solve problems with design.

The cyclical design thinking process

The proccess of discovery

The cyclical design thinking process is a system of both discovery and optimization. Its a proccess to uncover the truth in what users want and how to speak to them in the most direct and simple way possible.


Empathize with the people

Regardless of what medium you use. It always begins and ends with the users. My first step is to dive in and understand who our audience is and what speaks to them. Who are they? What do they value? Why are certain things more important than others? And most importantly, how do we most effectively address these challenges? Understanding your audience allows you to better communicate with them. It begins with understanding them. It ends with engaging them. If you to have them in mind in the beginning. You'll find they'll engage you in the end.


Defining what the problem is

hat are the challenges for our audience and what is the best way to address it. The first step in solving any problem is defining clear breaking points on exactly what the challenges are. How are they doing things now? How can they do it better? How are we doings things and how can we do it better? Defining a problem is more then outlinings what bumps we need to smooth out, it is finding the essense of a brand or product and bringing it to the surface. To engage users with the most direct and simple way.


Ideate a solution

Concepts to prototypes. Sketches to high fidelity comps. I take the proccess from end to end, once the objectives are defined. I explore and allow my creativity to flurish. I explore and engage in solutions and allow concepts to evolve and be shaped. Where as previous steps was building the framework of what can be done. This is the proccess of exploring what is possible. There is never a substitute for original creativity to capture the attention of the end user.



Once concepts or prototypes have been created. Its crucial to get user feedback. To begin the refinement of a product. Much like a renassance sculpture slowly chips away at the not is needed. Its often the most interesting phase of the cycle as you begin to get feed back and begin to further refine your product.



Refine as needed and scope allows.

World Leading Brands

BIG BRAND experience

I've worked with some of the biggest brands around the world. I've worked across a vast array of media to communicate different messages to different audiences. From outdoor advertising, to websites, to apps on your phone. My user first approach to communication allows me to be free of being locked into any single medium and been a part of many award winning teams and producing chart topping products.

From national to international - I'm familair with the struggles and restrictions and often how to over come a lot of those challenges. While having staying aware of scope, technologies and potential limitations. I always optimize what is possible in what is created and in what a user can optimally experience. That experience in todays media sautrated world is what will often engage users to interact. Or be lost with the noise of modern age.

Hands On Skills

There are very few people with the spectrum of skills I've developed over the years. For a short time, i was a indie game mobile publisher and literally put it all to the test. From concept, logic, AI, UX, UI, websites, marketing to social media campagins I was able to put it to the test successfully. Years of experience in advertising and marketing, and a decade in digital design has allowed me to have a wide and extensive skill set.

There maybe people who know a specific task or specific skill better then me. But very few can do as much as i can. As well as I can.

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